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Online piano, music theory, composition and orchestration lessons

Piano lessons

Piano lessons

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Akos Biro is a fully qualified teacher (Royal Irish Academy of Music, studied under Marta Erdei) with over 13 years of experience teaching in schools and privately.

Piano lessons:

  • His students are building a strong foundation in piano playing, which includes musical understanding, techniques, practice routines, healthy posture, and body awareness. The atmosphere is relaxed and patient, with classes being motivation-driven. Students can choose from a wide range of music to find their musical taste while also identifying personal needs and goals.

  • All ages and levels are welcome up to diploma standard.

  • All styles are covered, including classical, contemporary, new age, jazz, blues, pop-rock, Irish and other folk music.

  • ABRSM, RIAM, Trinity, Leaving Certs, etc. exams are supported. With over 250 successful exams, all references are available.

  • Music theory is seamlessly integrated, enhancing understanding and overall enjoyment of music.

Music Theory lessons:

  • ABRSM, RIAM, Trinity graded exams (including fast track grade 5 prerequisite)

  • Basic theory

  • Melody writting

  • Counterpointing 

  • 4 part writting

  • Harmony, rhythm, notation, dynamics, articulations, texture, analysis, ornaments

  • Aural skills

Composition and orchestration lesson:

  • Offering a uniquely personalized approach to composition, which delicately balances rules, tradition, and personal creativity.

  • .Lessons encompass a wide spectrum of both traditional and modern composing techniques, fostering the freedom of composition. These elements are inherently intertwined with instruments, making orchestration and instrumentation an integral part of the process. The realm of composition is vast, and each lesson serves as an exploration to determine the most fitting direction for expansion.

  • Additionally, instruction can include the utilization of the Sibelius notation software alongside VST instruments, allowing for the creation of lifelike playback.


  • free trial lesson

  • 30 mins lesson: 20 eur

  • 45 mins lesson 25 eur

  • 60 mins lesson 30 eur

For further information or references contact me via email at

or by phone/Whatsapp at +353 857070718.

Please find some of the references below:

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